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Application For Assistance

Global Water Relief wants to help. Please fill out our application for assistance for consideration.

The Global Water Relief, (GWR), Application for Assistance is the beginning step in getting funding for water filtration systems to communities and villages around the globe that are in the most need. This application is a very important start that allows GWR to sell YOUR cause and need through our donor base. The better the quality of your answers to this application, particularly your supporting pictures, video, etc. the greater chance your application will receive funding. So please put in your very best effort in filling out this application, including the best visual sources you have or can get, so WE can help YOU.
Once we receive and review your COMPLETED application and supporting materials, the Board of Directors will review it in detail and choose the most qualified applications to move forward in our funding process. Incomplete applications will not continue through GWR’s qualification process. Please understand that only the best and most compelling applications will qualify for moving forward to the funding portion of our process and take the time necessary to make the quality of your application the very best possible. GWR wants to help you. That’s our mission. So, help US help YOU!

Please e-mail your application to or send through one of our social media channels.