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Brazil with Starfish Orphan Ministry Starfish Orphan Ministry helps children who are stuck living in the streets of Brazil and provide access to clean water for those who otherwise wouldn't have it.



$3,300 / $ 5,000

Money Raised (USD)


Remaining Goal


Percent Funded


Global Water Relief – $2,500

Who Are You Helping? 

Starfish Orphan Ministry will be providing assistance to Brazil in late 2021. We will be helping children who live in the streets as well as those who have no home supervision and are in need of basic essentials as well as those that live in the favelas. A favela  is a type of slum in Brazil that has experienced historical governmental neglect. We also work with mothers in poor communities by teaching classes on cooking, home life stability,  and providing of child care. The water filtration systems will be installed in a community of churches that will be access points for these individuals in need. 

What is the problem? 

São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other 1,300 cities found pesticides in the water supply. Data from the Health Ministry shows that Brazilian drinking water is contaminated with ingredients associated with chronic diseases.

1,396 municipalities detected the presence of all 27 pesticides which they are obligated to test for by law. Of these, 16 are classified by Brazil’s sanitary authority (Anvisa) as extremely or highly toxic, and 11 are associated with the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, fetal malformations, and hormonal and reproductive dysfunctions.

Among the cities with multiple contaminations are the state capitals São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Manaus, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Campo Grande, Cuiabá, Florianópolis, and Palmas.

What’s the solution?

Global Water Relief has the solution to help solve the water contamination issue for Starfish Orphan Ministry. With your help, Global Water Relief will install 3 state of the art water filtration systems in the orphanages facilities. Our filtration systems remove microbial contaminants as well as other toxins that impact the health and wellness of the children and staff in Starfish’s Brazil facilities. Unlike other systems our water filtration systems do not require electricity to operate nor any chemicals added to remove toxins from their highly contaminated water. Every Global Water Relief water filtration system is custom designed and built in the USA using proprietary and patented media which will improve taste, odor and dramatically increase the quality of the overall water in Starfish’s Brazil facilities.