Global Water Relief 2018 Year in Review

Global Water Relief, (GWR), just concluded our first annual board of directors meeting on November 8th 2018. We are very excited to celebrate our first year as an official 501(c)3 non profit which we received from the IRS on November 28th, 2017. GWR’s most basic mission is very relevant and simple:

To help provide safe, healthy and sustainable water giving life and life eternal to a sick and dying world in the name of Jesus Christ.

In striving to do so we would like to thank everyone for their gracious support over the past year as we have worked toward our mission. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the successes our Lord and Savior blessed us with in 2018. We would like to thank each of you and share a few of the major milestones and highlights from GWR’s first year:

-GWR received a total of $3,082.00 in donations for the year, not including donations and infrastructure we continually receive monthly from NOV8iON Water.

-GWR established a website and brand that is accessible at

-GWR created and established a social media footprint that currently exceeds over 1000 likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-GWR established and moved into our own warehouse and small custom manufacturing facility in Murray, KY that is now operational.

-GWR successfully designed, manufactured and delivered our first water filtration systems to Guatemala via Bethel Ministries.

It’s been truly amazing and so spiritually uplifting to see first hand just how far and long God has allowed us to invest just a few thousand dollars of your generous donations into our GWR mission that helps provide Life Giving Water and Life Everlasting to some of His most vulnerable children in the world. Our first year has been so inspirational to each of us and we look forward to many more successes in the years ahead of us.

As we begin to close on our first year of operation, we look to grow our mission and successes exponentially in 2019. This is not possible without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the thoughts, prayers and efforts from our dedicated Global Water Relief Family. Our Goals for the 2019 year are as follows:

-Grow our donation base substantially so we can accelerate the global impact of our mission in 2019.

-Evolve our brand and add to our website, One of which will be to develop and show an interactive map with active GWR projects from around the globe

-Exponentially grow our chosen social media networks to increase the awareness, importance, and relevance of our global mission.

-Install at least 10x the number of water filtration units in third-world countries in 2019, including Guatemala, Uganda and Mozambique.

As we strive to meet these objectives, please remember that while ALL of us tend to take for granted that when we turn a shower, bath or get a clean healthy glass of water by simply flipping on a faucet, the vast majority of God’s children don’t even have that opportunity and that is why GWR exists. Did you know that half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with people facing a water born illness? Or that 1.8 BILLION of God’s children drink fecally contaminated water daily, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF? These are just a couple of reasons for GWR’s existence and mission.

Only you can help us. And you play a critically important role in GWR’s ability to meet the goals of our mission in 2019 and beyond. You’re a very important reason why 2018 has been such a success in 2018 and we’re counting on you to continue with even more great achievements in 2019. You can make your tax-deductible donation on our website at

If you are able to donate toward our 2019 mission we would strongly encourage you to. We utilize every penny we receive wisely and frugally so each dollar stretches tremendously further toward our mission, common causes, and goals. Without your generous donations, our mission simply would not exist. ANY donation amount you can make will be utilized in the best and most

efficient manner toward GWR’s mission, and you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for each donation made.

If you are unable to make a charitable donation, we completely understand. But, even so, there are still MANY ways you can help GWR’s mission without ANY monetary donation. Here are some examples of how you can help us without providing a charitable monetary donation in either 2018 or 2019:

-Like us and follow us one of our social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It only takes a minute and costs you nothing.

-Share us with your friends on our social networks to help us grow the awareness of the global socio-economic epidemic the GWR mission addresses.

– Share the awareness of GWR’s mission with your church, their missions or the missions of other non-profits who might benefit from the services GWR offers to the missions they serve abroad.

-Finally, and most importantly, please keep GWR’s mission in your thoughts and prayers. God has, does and will continue to answer them.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all of your donations, thoughts and prayers. May this holiday season bring joy and prosperity to your family,

God bless each of you!

Keep The Faith!

Steve Gough, Founder

Gina Winchester, Executive Director

Patrick Taylor, Chief Technology Officer