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El Salvador with Starfish Orphan Ministry Starfish Orphan Ministry is a non-profit that provides education and shelter to children who are transitioning out of orpahanges in developing countries. Many children that age out of orphanages are forced into a life of drug use, prositituion and other vices in order to survive.



$3,300 / $ 5,000

Money Raised (USD)


Remaining Goal


Percent Funded


Global Water Relief – $2,500

Who Are You Helping? 

Starfish Orphan Ministry will be providing transition assistance to El Salvador in late June and early July 2021. Children that transition from orphanages are left without any guidance, shelter, or knowledge of what it takes to survive, let alone, live a faith-driven life. Starfish provides lodging and a two-year program that teaches young adults to cook, clean, and live while also providing counseling and spiritual guidance. While staying under the guidance of Starfish Orphan Ministry these young adults need access to clean water. Together we will help these young people succeed in life and life everlasting. 



What is the problem? 

El Salvador’s water resources are highly polluted, owing in part to the almost total absence of municipal wastewater treatment. In addition, the country suffers from water scarcity during the dry season and conflicts among users.

It is estimated that 90 percent of the surface water bodies are contaminated. Nearly all municipal wastewater (98 percent) and 90 percent of industrial wastewater is discharged to rivers and creeks without any treatment. The highest priority for pollution abatement is estimated to be in the basins of the Río Acelhuate and Río Sucio, an area that supplies a third of the water supply of the Metropolitan area of San Salvador.


What’s the solution?

Global Water Relief has the solution to help solve the water contamination issue for Starfish Orphan Ministry. With your help, Global Water Relief will install 3 state of the art water filtration systems in the orphanages facilities. Our filtration systems remove microbial contaminants as well as other toxins that impact the health and wellness of the children and staff in Starfish’s El Salvador facilities. Unlike other systems our water filtration systems do not require electricity to operate nor any chemicals added to remove toxins from their highly contaminated water. Every Global Water Relief water filtration system is custom designed and built in the USA using proprietary and patented media which will improve taste, odor and dramatically increase the quality of the overall water in Starfish’s El Salvador facilities.