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Who We Are Global Water relief

Mission "GWR's mission is to provide safe, healthy and sustainable water giving life and life eternal to a sick and dying world in the name of Jesus Christ."

What’s Our Story

In 2008, GWR’s Founder, Steve Gough, was already in development with a new break through water filtration technology for industrial and residential energy saving applications. At that time a faith based organization visited his Sunday School class and presented the catastrophic statistics of human sickness and death caused by contaminated and polluted water sources globally, particularly in second and third world nations. He recognized then that the revolutionary water filtration technology which was in it’s development infancy then could eventually provide a solution to this catastrophe which was impacting almost one billion of God’s children at that time. That was the Ah-Ha moment that permanently changed the ultimate vision and mission of his companies. Today NanoClean technology is considered a breakthrough in the water filtration industry and is now growing leaps and bounds in residential and commercial applications on a global scale. It is also being launched into the GWR mission, which is the real “end game” he had envisioned almost a decade earlier.
Social Issues: African Black Child Drinking Fresh Water From Tap

Who We Are

The fine people of GWR all have one thing in common. We are all servants who are laser focused on a mission to help provide safe, healthy and sustainable water giving life and life eternal to a sick and dying world in the name of Jesus Christ. We provide breakthrough water filtration technology and systems to villages in second and third world countries whose current water sources are polluted, contaminated and/or unsustainable to support basic human life. We work with technology leaders such as NOV8iON Water as well as a variety of faith based non-profit organizations to solve one of the biggest socio-ecological problems that cause sickness and death to God’s children across the globe. Through baptisms of this new cleansing water, we ceremoniously present these life saving charitable solutions to them in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, thus allowing them to get to know His promise for life everlasting.

Board of Directors Global Water relief


Steve Gough was raised in Murray, Kentucky where he graduated from Murray State University with an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics. He spent over 2 decades heading international businesses at Texas Instruments developing highly complex microprocessors, single-chip GPS and world-class 3D video display systems that are still deployed in Cinema theaters around the world today. In 2008 Steve witnessed a presentation in his Sunday school class that enlightened him on the incredulous facts of water contamination and it’s massive impact on lives and health of billions of people around the world. That changed everything and was the beginning of his ultimate vision to develop and deploy patented water filtration systems capable of turning severely contaminated water into clean healthy drinking water which could help bring an end to this massive worldwide socioeconomic injustice


Gina Shipley Winchester was born and resides in Murray, Kentucky. She attended Murray State University and received a Bachelor in Business Administration & Master in Organizational Communication degree. Her 30-yr. career involves work with higher education, state government, and nonprofit organizations. Gina’s experience includes recruitment, alumni relations, development, customer service, teaching, career counseling, grant making and regional outreach. She currently works for the West KY Community & Technology College as the Manager of External Education setting up specialized training in a 13-county region. She serves on numerous nonprofit boards and in 2014 assisted in the start up of a successful soup kitchen in her community. Her passion is traveling with mission teams to bring relief and spread the gospel throughout the world.


Patrick Taylor was born and raised in East Moline, Illinois. He attended St. Ambrose University studying finance and economics. For the past decade, Patrick has worked in the sales in the marketing industry. In 2016, Patrick started his own digital marketing company that specializes in web design, branding and advertising management, Allevi8 Marketing. Based out of Chicago, Illinois Allevi8 Marketing provides services to many small businesses throughout the country. Patrick is an active member of his community and board member for his local Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, Patrick enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family.